Specialist Personal Injury Lawyers

We are here to help you, no matter your issue or circumstanace

We are a Plaintiff law firm that specialises in Personal Injury law with significant experience and expertise in Workers Compensation, TAC and Public Liability claims. We also provide advice on superannuation lump sum entitlements for clients.

We care about the health and wellbeing of our clients, and in putting your needs first. In keeping with this we offer a mobile service and will travel to your home, anywhere in the state, at no cost to you.

We are different from other personal injury firms in that we believe you should be able to deal with lawyers and senior operators directly when you need advice, not just support staff. We understand that pursuing a claim can be complicated and stressful, so we remain accessible and available to help you through it. We attend conferences and Court with you so you have the appropriate support and can always understand what is happening.

Our goal is to always give you prompt and effective communication. We keep you updated as to the progress of your matter and will call and write to you so you’re always in the loop.

We pride ourselves on our client’s satisfaction levels and results.

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John McCristal</br><small>Principal Partner</small>

John McCristal
Principal Partner

John has more than 20 years specialised experience in Workcover, TAC, and Public Liability.. He also has expertise in Superannuation disability claims.

He has helped many clients over the last 20 years to make a stand and bring actions against their employers and the TAC for compensation for injuries they have suffered through no fault of their own.

He believes that fighting for your rights is the most exciting occupation in the world.

Stuart Coutts</br><small>Legal Executive </small>

Stuart Coutts
Legal Executive

Stuart brings a wealth of over 30 years experience advocating for workers in both as Union official and in legal practice with Personal Injury law firms.

He loves the good fight and takes on Workers Compensation cases where others may feel it’s too difficult.

Thierry Auffray</br><small>Industrial Consultant / Office Manager</small>

Thierry Auffray
Industrial Consultant / Office Manager

Thierry has been in the Workers Compensation industry since 1986 and has over 20 years experience in representing workers through Conciliation/Litigation.

He takes pride and is passionate about ensuring that clients get their entitlements they deserve.

Sarah Tarrant</br><small>Junior Lawyer</small>

Sarah Tarrant
Junior Lawyer

Sarah is a recently admitted junior lawyer who has worked with us since 2020 as a law clerk. She found herself needing the services of a personal injury lawyer at a young age which ignited her passion in this field.

She believes it is rewarding to be given the opportunity to help everyday people obtain the justice and compensation they deserve.