No Win. No fee

What does it really mean?

No-win-no-fee means that in the event that you are unsuccessful in obtaining compensation we will not render you an account for our professional charges or out of pocket disbursements. Our barristers also act on a no-win-no-cost basis. Conditions apply, for example:

  • You must provide us with full and honest instructions relevant to your matter and any material change in your circumstances that might impact on your matter while we continue to act for you.
  • You must cooperate in the matter and do all that we reasonably request of you in a timely manner.
  • You must accept and follow our reasonable legal advice.
  • You must fully cooperate with our reasonable requests in relation to the carriage of your claim such as providing us with information in a timely manner, attending medical examinations and such other requests.
  • If you stop using this law practice, the matter will no longer proceed on a no-win-no-cost basis after that date.
  • Costs are determined by the Victorian State Government and the Victorian State Government regulates no-win-no-fee arrangements.


Why we offer No Win. No Fee.

Why we offer No Win. No Fee.

We offer No Win. No Fee because most of the time people cannot afford to pay upfront the costs and disbursements. Litigation is an expensive process. We are happy to do our work and to pay out of pocket disbursements without asking you for any payment until your matter is successful. We also offer no-win-no-fee because insurance companies use their power to make adverse decisions hoping that you will not have the resources to challenge those decisions.