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Public liability refers to injuries in a public place or at a occupiers place due to the negligence of someone.

Some reasons include:

  • Slipping or tripping or generally being hurt in a public place. The incident must amount to a trap. If something is visible and you slip or trip on it there is no liability as you have a duty to keep a proper look out and to avoid obstacles.
  • If a loved one has died due to someone’s fault if you are a dependent or if you have suffered psychological injury.

Actions regarding public liability must be taken within 3 years. If this time lapses you could lose your right to claim. To sue you need to demonstrate that you have a significant injury as defined under the Wrongs Act.

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For a physical injury you need to show a level of impairment under an American guide of more than 5% whole person (except for back injuries) and at least 10% for psychological injuries.

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In most cases we will not charge you for our professional costs or out of pocket expenses incurred if you don't win. Other larger firms claim to be No Win No Fee, but they will make you pay their out of pocket expenses, such as medical reports and specialist reports that they have paid for while building your case. If you lose, this can run into thousands of dollars. We will only take on your case if we believe that you have a reasonable prospect of success.

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