1. Conditional payment of our charges

You will be liable to pay our charges plus GST, ONLY if there is a successful outcome in this matter. This is provided that you retain us to the conclusion of the matter. Successful outcome means any of the following:

  • A verdict or judgment or award in your favour, including leave to issue proceedings, made by a Court, Commission or Tribunal;
  • An arrangement, agreement or an obligation at law under which money is payable or a benefit is due to you or on your behalf arising out of or in circumstances of the matter;
  • An offer of settlement which we recommend as acceptable and which in our reasonable opinion represents an appropriate conclusion or resolution of the matter;
  • Settlement or resolution of the matter in accordance with your instructions, whether or not money is payable to you or on your behalf; or
  • An order, an agreement or an obligation at law to pay costs in your favour;
  • You receive an amount of money after payment of all liabilities (including tax) that you incur in the matter to us and to any other person including any opposing party.

2. You will still be liable to pay any costs that you may be ordered to pay another party REGARDLESS OF THE OUTCOME.

If there is a successful outcome, you must pay our charges, including GST, in accordance with method of charging set out above.