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We help you to get the compensation you deserve by fighting insurance companies and their doctors. The insurance companies call their doctors independent medical examiners, but usually they are not as they back the insurer. We will connect you with the right doctors and barristers to give your case the maximum chance of success.

You will deal with lawyers, not legal assistants. You choose which lawyer you want to be with you all the way. We can visit you in town or country and we run claims on a no-win-no-cost basis*. We regularly review your matter and update you on its progress. We won’t settle your case for any sum which is unreasonable. We are experts in Work Cover claims, and we get excellent results for seriously injured workers. Your first consultation is free. Call one of our expert lawyers now to discuss your matter 1300800544 or ring John direct on his mobile 0407742971. McCristal Injury Lawyers, serious injuries, serious results. *Conditions apply.

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Making a Claim

We can guide you through the process


Step 1: Report the injury to your employer. Each employer must have an injury book. Report the injury and take a photo or photocopy of your injury book

Step 2: See a doctor and get an initial 14-day WorkCover Certificate of Capacity. The certificate must be a WorkCover certificate not a sickness certificate

Step 3: Fill out a WorkCover claim. Get help from one of our experts to do this or lodge the claim on your employer and a copy on WorkSafe. Time doesn’t run until your employer lodges the claim on their insurer or a copy is lodged on WorkSafe. Time limits apply

If the claim is rejected, talk to one of our expert lawyers. We can arrange a conciliation and fight the matter in court if necessary

There are two types of claims:

  • Impairment benefits which are available to all injured workers &
  • Serious injury claims.

If your injury has more than significant impact on your lifestyle or earning capacity, we can help you to lodge a claim successfully without unnecessary delay.

McCristal Injury Lawyers. Serious injuries, Serious results.

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In most cases we will not charge you for our professional costs or out of pocket expenses incurred if you don't win. Other larger firms claim to be No Win No Fee, but they will make you pay their out of pocket expenses, such as medical reports and specialist reports that they have paid for while building your case. If you lose, this can run into thousands of dollars. We will only take on your case if we believe that you have a reasonable prospect of success.

How does it work?

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